As an online initiative for testicular cancer awareness, The Guy At Home In His Underwear, spent 25 days living alone in a loft, clad only in Stanfield’s underwear. Filmed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Mark, a testicular cancer survivor, attempted to gather 25,000 “Likes” on Facebook with Stanfield’s agreeing to donate $1 per Like to the Canadian Cancer Society.


After 150 years in the underwear business, Stanfield’s wanted to connect with a younger consumer. To grab online attention, john st. suggested creating a digital campaign based on Stanfield’s tagline “We Support Men.” Secret Location teamed up with john st. to develop the project and create an authentic Guy At Home In His Underwear social media campaign narrative.


Steering away from a fictional tone with actors, we instead worked with an actual cancer survivor. Mark had suffered from testicular cancer and had tons of enthusiasm for raising funds online while his every move was broadcast Big Brother style, via a 4-camera live streaming interface.

Live chats, daily highlights, special guests and an action-packed daily itinerary helped spread the campaign, kept audiences entertained and turned Mark into an online micro celebrity. We produced all elements of the campaign, including branding, design, programming and the Facebook and Twitter integration and distribution strategy.


Mark achieved his goal of getting 25,000 Likes and unlocking $25,000 from Stanfield’s in only seven days! It meant that, on the fly, we needed to come up with an additional goal, which was to double the Likes to 50,000. Mark reached that goal as well, unlocking a generous $50,000 in total from Stanfield’s.

The campaign generated a lot of buzz and press coverage. The Globe and Mail called it “one of the best digital stunts we’ve seen in Canada.”

By the time the campaign ended, the site had more than 1.13 million views and generated over 42 million traditional media impressions for the brand. Seventy-eight percent of users returned to the site more than once, and the live stream was watched for over three million minutes – the equivalent of over six years viewing time.

Live statistics powered by Google Analytics:

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Other Statistics:
Amount of LIVE video streamed: 3,217,723 Minutes
Average viewing time of a LIVE stream: over 5 minutes


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