To support the launch of the new Samsung GS4 smartphone, Secret Location worked with Cheil Canada to create Samsung Infinite Possibilities. The HTML5 mobile-optimized microsite is an audition hub for the “infinitely talented,” offering them a chance to win up to $25,000 toward developing their skills in everything from singing to comedy to emceeing.


A key goal of the GS4 launch campaign was to incorporate traditional media, targeted online advertising, social media, live events and phone demonstrations, all of which drive fans and new entrants to the contest hub.

In addition to presenting entry content and encouraging new participants, a key function of contest hub would be to highlight new phone features as they related to the contest, and facilitate access to retailers and associated Samsung initiatives.

As the central destination for the campaign, it was crucial that the contest hub reflected the Samsung brand and that we worked closely with the team at Cheil to align with the visual style established in the pre-launch phase.

Samsung also identified mobile users as a key target group – therefore, a robust solution that facilitated easy access to the hub from all platforms was essential.


Secret Location designed and developed the HTML5 mobile-optimized and responsive site, through which users can view and share contest entries, auditions and castings calls on all platforms and devices in an easy-to-navigate format.  

To encourage a high level of participation, entry to the contest is through a streamlined, YouTube-connected form. From the site, users can login to their YouTube account and select a video they’d like to upload. This can be done across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms, and also as a custom feature within Samsung’s YouTube brand channel.

The elegant, intuitive scrolling interface utilizes a responsive design approach to remain functional and uncluttered on smaller screens, while ensuring the GS4 and its features are highlighted with beautiful high-end imagery.

To enable moderators at Cheil to quickly and easily review and short-list the entries, we developed a content management dashboard that allows direct push-button publishing to the site the moment content is approved. 

After short-listing entrants, Samsung contributes up to $25,000 in value to each contest winner, in the form of custom “reward experiences” tailored to showcase the talent and power up the potential of these emerging stars. This could include getting a well-known star to mentor a struggling artist or arrange a tryout with a professional team for an aspiring pro-athlete.


The site launch was well received by fans who immediately began to post and share their video auditions. Within the first three weeks of launch, the site logged nearly 140,000 page views and 80 video entries were submitted.

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