Rookie Blue: The Interrogation Room is an interactive episode for the hit Global drama Rookie Blue, which follows the lives of five rookie cops. In a “choose your own adventure,” fans engage in solving an online-exclusive case of the mysterious disappearance of Natalie Swan. By making their own choices, they drive the characters to interact and reveal information in one of dozens of possible routes that lead to six different endings.

At the end of the experience, each user is given a scorecard, rank and badge, reflecting their performance level. These elements can be shared on Facebook and Twitter to entice others to play.


Secret Location was tasked to concept, develop and build a compelling interactive episode to promote Season Two of show. The goal was to expand the viewing experience of the network’s core audience to the online medium for them to share through their social networks.


Secret Location worked closely with the network and TV show writers to outline a narrative structure that extended the on-air themes and showcased the key characters online, while maintaining the show’s high production values.

Information architecture played a key role, including designing a massive user flow map that lead to multiple endings. 

From there, we worked with the TV show’s production team to shoot, direct and edit the video content. Requiring a huge amount of logistical planning, the shoot included 140 camera setups shot on location over one day.

We edited the footage into short clips and built upon it with several Flash animations that add texture and polish to the scenes. 

To encourage revisits, we created a reward system based on performance and decisions made in the experience. If users fail, they’re given the chance to try an earlier scene again. If they win, they’re given a badge, star rating and hints to the existence of other possible endings. Users can share their rating and badge on Facebook and Twitter, inviting friends to beat their rank and score.


The interactive episode received huge promotional support from Global TV. It was featured on the home page and Rookie Blue show page, and the interactive narrative was teased on-air during commercial breaks with 10-second interstitials.

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